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Traditional Service

1) Traditional Local Funeral Service

In this traditional funeral service, the family has the opportunity to prepare a farewell full of memories of your loved one. Friends and family offer their respects at a nightly visitation and the next day have the funeral service and burial at the cemetery of your choice.

2) Traditional One-Day Funeral Service

This type of service allows the family to perform a short viewing of one or two hours, during which they can share memories of their loved one. Afterwards, they depart to the cemetery of your choice.

3) Direct Burial

This service doesn’t include viewing and the families reunite at the cemetery of your choice, to conclude the service with a farewell ceremony at their grave space.


1) Direct Cremation

This funeral service includes no memorial service. We transport your loved one in our care and afterwards we offer you the cremated remains in the urn of your choice.

2) Cremation with Viewing

This service offers the opportunity to have a nightly visitation from to 2-3 hours, during which the friends and family of the deceased can say farewell to their loved one.

3) Memorial Service

This commemorative or memorial service is meant to celebrate and honor the memory of your loved one alongside friends and family. This type of service can take place featuring the ashes of your loved one in the urn of your choice as soon after cremation as the family wishes, or on the anniversary of the passing.

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International Shippings

International Shipping

We work alongside and have built relationships with the different consulates in the Houston area and The United States, and we also have cooperation agreements for the provision of repatriate and transfer funeral services with various government entities in Mexico, Central America and South America.

Need to get a loved one home?

Del Pueblo Funeral Home provides 24 hours repatriation and worldwide shipping services. We can help assist you anywhere in The United States or any International location. We assist in processing all the necessary documentation required for transport of your loved one.

Our promise to you is that we will work seamlessly with your family to fulfill your final wishes. With just one call our professional staff can serve as a resource to assist and answer any question that you may have.

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Culture specific funeral arrangements are available... ask us!!

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